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Kansas City Website Design - Internet Designs, L.L.C.

Do you want us to tell you the truth about Internet Designs, or tell you what you want to hear?

Just the facts then: Internet Designs invented the Internet. It is even named after us.

Ok.... Truth is, Internet Designs has a long history of building high performance Websites.

Since 1998 Internet Designs has developed application-rich virtual marketplaces, providing organizations the tools to interact with their customers and prospects. Internet Designs didn’t invent the Internet, but Internet Designs has grown-up with it.

If you wanted to hear that Internet Designs created a 12-Step Marketing Process and Flow Chart procedure, Sorry. When we find two clients who fit in the same process, perhaps we will create one. Until then, know that Internet Designs has the experience, agility, and talent required to meet our client’s needs.