The Kansas City Board of Trade – Farmland Industries

he Kansas City Board of Trade – Farmland Industries

In its quest to move solidly into the Information Age and gain competitive advantage, the Kansas City Board of Trade contacted Internet Designs. We conducted a lengthy, private briefing session for Board officers and directors. The information was well received and used to help them formulate their plan to create an online trading presence. It was during this meeting that Internet Designs came to the attention of Farmland Industries commodities-trading subsidiary, Farmland-Atwood.

Farmland-Atwood contracted with Internet Designs to develop a highly specialized Internet application. A sophisticated, online, interactive financial planning tool used by Farmland customers, farmers, ranchers and other grain related businesses was developed. The customer entered data via their Web browser for his livestock and/or grain business concerning operations, inventories and expected output. The program returned financial and operational analyses on an interactive spreadsheet.