Camp Fire USA

Camp Fire USA

Camp Fire's national headquarters requested an intranet for its 120 councils and chapter members.

The Café allows councils to manage their own council information, personal profiles, and has a forum for sharing ideas and current events for the Camp Fire USA. The councils never have to wait for the latest documentation from the national headquarters. The administrators now post the documents as soon as they are available, saving on valuable time, printing, and paper resources.

The Café gives the National Headquarters administration rights to add, remove, and edit council information, send mass emails to all or selected councils or individuals, post news, classified ads, job opportunities, and information on upcoming events in their area.

The Camp Fire Café was nationally recognized as one of the best non-profit intranet sites in the country. CIO magazine awarded Camp Fire Café its prestigious "Top 50" award for intranets in 2000.

Excerpt from CIO Magazine, July 1, 2000

Of particular interest are some of the sites from the nonprofit sector, long disparaged - with some justification - for its lack of technologic excellence. The Camp Fire Boys and Girls' Camp Fire Cafe is described as the first technology venture the youth organization has ever undertaken. It is plainly meant to bootstrap Camp Fire into a more technology-friendly posture. According to submitter and Deputy National Executive Director Robert Browell, "The Camp Fire Cafe was released to our membership on Dec. 7, 1999, Pearl Harbor Day, as our attack on our system's lack of technology focus." As of the entry deadline, the extranet had penetrated some 29 percent of the nationwide Camp Fire chapters.